Why dating sites are crap and cam sites are the real deal?

Is dating real?

Why dating sites are crap and cam sites are the real deal? This the question we try to answer in this post. Have you ever tried to meet someone on a dating site? And the result hasn’t been the desired one? Well, that is something usual because nobody in this fucking world has met one of those bitches on dating sites. You wonder why? Because all of them on the site is so nice they chat with you, they make you dream about relation with them or just for sex but you never went that far that you really met them!

You spent, or maybe we should tell lost, a lot of money to chat with them but you never been able to meet them. This sounds familiar and strange at the same time? This is because nobody in this world met a woman from those dating sites. Because they don’t exist! All those pretty girls you can see on their profile’s pictures don’t exist in reality! And how come they chat with you? They send you messages? Well, you are not really chatting with human beings, those are boots and preset messages. You are chatting in fact, with software that is programmed to take your fucking money!

This is why the whole dating industry is crap! Because is fake! It is made to take your money and give you dreams instead of a real woman to fuck. A better idea is to find real bitches on Facebook or on Instagram you’ll have more chances to get laid there than on a dating site and of course is free. All you need to do is to find the right bitch that wants sex simple as that!

Why Cam Sites Are The real deal?

Ok, I got it dating is a scam! But how about sex cams sites? Are those scam too or they are legit? Well, cam sites are pretty legit. Most of them are free which means you get an account for free and you can watch unlimited nude bitches! But how about chat with them? Most of them will not chat with you if you are a free member, they will chat only with premium members this is a truth! But you can still watch them for free which means a free wank for you!

Ok wanking on a naked girl is nice but you can do it on porn site, right? Yes! This is true but these girls are live in real-time, they are genuine amateurs and not big porn stars. It is more interesting to see a regular girl naked playing with her pussy in real-time than watching a recorded video of a pornstar.

And how about buying credits and having sex with these girls? You need to know that on cam sites if you want to spend money you can. All those naked bitches can be yours. Of course, you can have them physically but you can have then in a private chat! Where you can fuck them virtually. They will do everything you want, most of them have sex toys and are open to please you. This is their job is the same thing you get when you are going to prostitutes! So you’ll get the thing of what you paid for! So in short words, CAM SITES ARE NOT SCAM! THEY ARE LEGIT!

So if you have money and you want instant sex with thousand of horny girls spend that money clever! Spend them on cams not on dating if you want to get something back. Or just go to the prostitutes they are real!

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